The challenge and reward

As part of our Milburngate Talks series, we managed to catch up with our Project Director, Ian Beaumont, who gave us his very own take on the many challenges and rewards that come whilst working on a development like Milburngate.

Many of you passing Milburngate on a daily basis may be forgiven for thinking there's not much going on. But the extensive work that's currently being undertaken by our trusted team of skilled consultants and technicians, both on and away from site, is successfully paving the way for construction to take place later in the year.

And like many commercial property developments of this scale, this phase of the project comes complete with its own complexities, challenges and surprises, all of which combine to ensure there's never a dull day on-site.

So, what better way to learn more about it than hearing from one of those people directly responsible for bringing our 450,000 sq ft mixed-use scheme, on the banks of the River Wear, to life.